Inflight Fashion

Inflight Fashion explores the timeline of uniforms of flight attendants. The attire of a flight attendant may not be people’s main focus when traveling, yet they are snapshots of decade’s fashion trends. Each uniform varied every year, differentiating itself from domestic to international flights, and from Hollywood to reality. This exhibition explores the events that took place in various eras and affected flight attendants’ uniforms.



CDI Booklet

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is an official department within the University of Houston. Their goal is to engage, empower and educate students, as well as campus partners. This booklet is designed to inform individuals about the Center and promote its many events.




Culture Connect Week

UH hosts an annual week of celebration and outreach on various aspects of diversity on campus. This exciting and educational week consists of multicultural performances, faculty lectures, multicultural student organization collaborations, and a dance.




Diversity Institute

The Diversity Institute is an annual campus-wide event for students, faculty, and staff. It is developed to explore issues related to diversity and multiculturalism. The 2017 theme of Intersectionality: A Framework for Socially Just Communities highlights the overlap of social categorizations such as race, class, gender, and religion as they apply to group and individual experiences.


Hispanic Heritage Month

The University of Houston’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion coordinates a month-long event to promote Hispanic heritage. Between September and October, various stimulating lectures take place for students and faculty to engage and learn more about Hispanic heritage.


Anthony Ervin

This poster promotes the Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s Speaker Series at the University of Houston . This annual event recognizes lecturers, who are dedicated to providing insight and knowledge on various topics that align with social justice issues. Four-time Olympic medalist Anthony Ervin was the 2016 invited speaker.