Fish Pants

FishPants is a toolkit based on the Vernacular art movement. It focuses on the unique qualities of this movement by using distinctive type, bright colors, and humorous illustration. By combining and juxtaposing everyday things with the unfamiliar, you create the vernacular.




Hello Houston

Hello Houston is a kiosk system based in Houston. Five different kiosks are positioned in various neighborhoods throughout the city for residents and visitors alike to check them out. Each kiosk provides a unique service, such as serving coffee or beer, and providing live-music.







Branding Book


Emancipation Economic Development Council (EEDC) is a collaborative non-profit group situated in the Third Ward. The goal of this organization is to revitalize and preserve this Ward. This poster, which folds down to a brochure, was designed to help spread their message.







Benefit/ Extinction of Bees

With recent news of a possible extinction of bees, we just come to realize how important bees are for the world and its inhabitants. This pair of data visualization posters depicts both the benefit and the extinction of bees. The narrative showcases the many crops pollinated by bees and the profit made from these produce, and illustrates the probable issues we would face, if bees were to become fully extinct.






Primal Eats

Primal Eats is a food delivery service for Paleo eaters. This service allows subscribers to choose from a variety of Paleo friendly dishes and have them delivered to their home. Everything is pre-measured and fresh, all that is left to do is cook.





Coming Soon

Coming soon is a collaboration between University of Houston Architecture and Graphic Design students to raise awareness about the historical significance of Houston’s Third Ward community and its future.

CS-Spread-1 copy2919-DowlingQuote2309-Holman3112-Ennis

Letter Quartet

Letter Quartet is a card game similar to Go Fish, but inspired by typography. The game teaches its players the different type classifications and their many traits. Each card introduces a different typeface, and includes details such as price, number of styles, and character set. This allows players to learn about type in a fun and entertaining way.



All-cards-dark-color CROPPED


Bayou Startup Showcase

Bayou Startup Showcase is a branding project for an event hosted by the University of Houston’s Red Labs and Rice University’s Owlspark. The goal of this event is to help turn technology start-up ideas into high-growth ventures. The concept is based on a visual blend of animals typically found to be living in close proximity to the bayou, merged with electronic parts. With the help of technology the animals gain in strength and efficiency.





Sabon Type Poster

A poster showcasing the old-style serif typeface Sabon. It is produced with different printing techniques including letterpress. This poster displays the history of Sabon,  modeled on the Garamond typeface, and where it first came to use.