Fish Pants

FishPants is a toolkit based on the Vernacular art movement. It focuses on the unique qualities of this movement by using distinctive type, bright colors, and humorous illustration. By combining and juxtaposing everyday things with the unfamiliar, you create the vernacular.




Primal Eats

Primal Eats is a food delivery service for Paleo eaters. This service allows subscribers to choose from a variety of Paleo friendly dishes and have them delivered to their home. Everything is pre-measured and fresh, all that is left to do is cook.





Alphabetic Coasters

This project was to collect 26 A -– Z letters from a variety of contexts and group them into type classifications. Each coaster composition showcases a different typeface and its unique form details. These coasters were made using an electrolytic etching process.



Inflight Fashion

Inflight Fashion explores the timeline of uniforms of flight attendants. The attire of a flight attendant may not be people’s main focus when traveling, yet they are snapshots of decade’s fashion trends. Each uniform varied every year, differentiating itself from domestic to international flights, and from Hollywood to reality. This exhibition explores the events that took place in various eras and affected flight attendants’ uniforms.